1. Main (Open) Game Rules
AGA rules, 19×19 board, Komi 7.5
60 minutes main time
25 moves in 10 minutes Canadian byo-yomi

2. Pair Go Rules
1) One male player and one female player form a team. 
2) AGA rules, 19×19 board, Komi 7.5.
3) Time settings: 45 minutes absolute. No byo-yomi.
4) Moves have to be played in turn. There will be a 3 point penalty for an accidental out of order.  If you do it on purpose it is a forfeit of the game. The rule applies if the opponent players notice immediately and call the tournament coordinator.
5) The two players in a team can not communicate with each other during the game except for:
– ask your partner whose turn it is
– remind your partner whose turn it is
– discuss resigning with your partner (but not more than “should we resign”)
– remind your partner to press the clock

3. Late policy
If the player is 15 minutes late for the game then will lose the game.